An architecture designed around scalability, security, performance, reliability, and configurability

Our platform offers the performance, security, and capabilities you need to be ready for the future.

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Data hungry solutions require state of the art technology and innovative thinking

Managing, analyzing and modeling vast quantities of data demands the right architectural approach. CPGvision is designed to ensure you have the processing power you need to transform vast amounts of data into actionable insights.

CPGvision V5 - Architected for the future

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Seamless, multiple integration points

TPx solutions are data hungry, and they feed other data hungry solutions, so you need reliable and flexible integrations. We integrate with virtually every ERP, as well as demand planning, forecasting, portal connectors and deduction scraping tools.

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Availability meets scalability

We know that the processing needs of TPx and RGM applications are going to continue to expand at lightning speed, so we have architected our platform for the future. 

CPGvision uses the container model to run and scale; horizontal, vertical, and auto-scaling are always on to ensure optimal performance.

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Trusted and secured

A seamless, reliable experience with an impressive 99% uptime guarantee. Our commitment is to ensure your operations run smoothly, efficiently and securely. But don’t take our word for it.