Working with PSignite: an essential partner dedicated to your success

PSignite, the company behind CPGvision, has been delivering success in the CPG industry with advanced solutions and expert support for over a decade.


We serve and succeed alongside our client partners


The team you work with matters

Mastering promotion management is not solely dependent on having the correct tools at your disposal; it's equally crucial to have the right team working alongside you.

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What you can expect from teaming up with us

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Partners in success

Our journey with you is more than transactional; we're strategic partners invested in your long-term success. Your milestones are our shared achievements. 


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Industry expertise

Our decades of experience in diverse domains—business processes, technology, data management, analytics, and architecture—are guaranteed to enrich your business outcomes.


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Precise implementations

We are known for our precise, transparent, and collaborative implementation process, covering everything from blueprinting and configuration to integration and change management. We can even work with your chosen implementation partner!

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You can help shape our product roadmap

We want to grow our capabilities as you grow your ability to utilize them! Your needs and feedback will help us shape a future that aligns with your vision and strategic goals.

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World-class customer success


Our journey doesn't end at implementation; it's a cycle of ongoing growth. A dedicated support team will always be one call away, ready to assist.