CPGvision: TPx and RGM solutions purpose-built for the CPG industry

CPGvision by PSignite is the only Revenue Growth Management suite integrating Trade Promotion Management, Trade Promotion Optimization, Annual Operating Planning and Price Elasticity, all on the world's leading CRM, Salesforce. All fueled by the power of Artificial Intelligence.

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Profitable revenue growth
is just around the corner

Improve results and productivity across your sales and finance teams

No more disjointed spreadsheets, disparate emails, and siloed systems. With CPGvision, you can manage the entire cycle of promotions in one single place, allowing you to streamline processes, collaborate easily across departments, and reduce the risk of errors and inconsistencies.

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Build better plans faster

Take advantage of AI powered, constraint based what-if scenarios to optimize plans and generate accurate sales, volume and profit projections.

Reduce unnecessary spend and achieve profitable revenue growth

Keep up-to-date price elasticity models at your fingertips and save your company money by providing answers and making recommendations with lightning speed, based on updated models with the most current information.

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When our clients succeed, we succeed

  • “ (2)-2

    Overall experience with CPGvision is positive as rarely do you find software companies like CPGvision that provide personalized implementation and support from the CEO and through to Technical Support levels.”


    Mark S.,
    IT Business Partner
  • “ (2)-2

    CPGvision has given our internal stakeholders access to sales plans and forecasts, providing transparency and fostering collaboration. We now have visibility to our total trade promotion investment as well as sales volume forecast and can see the immediate impact of changes to the plan. This keeps us on track to meet our sales and efficiency goals.”

    Jim Davock,
    Chief Sales Officer of Panos Brands
  • “ (2)-2

    Fantastic TPM solution! Cutting planning time dramatically vs use of excel, providing accurate ROI analysis through integration with syndicated data, & providing a simpler solution to deduction management vs our prior process.”



    Zach W.,
     Senior Trade Finance Manager

Artificial Intelligence drives our entire platform of trade promotion and revenue growth management capabilities

cpgvision-icon--plan-n-forecastBudget & Allocate

cpgvision-icon--budget-n-allocatePlan Promotions & Forecast

& Financials

cpgvision-icon--reporting-n-analyticsReporting & Analytics

cpgvision-icon--promotion-optimizationPromotion Optimization

cpgvision-icon--scenario-planningScenario Planning

cpgvision-icon--insights-n-predictive-analyticsInsights & Predictive Analytics

cpgvision-icon--top-down-n-bottom-upTop-Down & Bottom-Up Planning

cpgvision-icon--gap-closureGap Closure

cpgvision-icon--price-elasticity-modelingPrice Elasticity Modeling

cpgvision-icon--price-scenario-planing-1Price Scenario Planning

cpgvision-icon--competitor-impacts-126Competitor Impacts


The PSignite difference


A customer-centric platform with industry-expert support

Achieve exceptional business outcomes by combining advanced capabilities and real-time insights with industry expertise and support from our professionals.


Agile and configurable platform built on Salesforce technology

Experience seamless integration, configurability, scalability and security - our solutions suite optimizes all the advantages the Salesforce platform has to offer.


Reliable predictive analytics from AI-powered solutions

AI and ML drive accuracy of predictions across the platform, your RGM team can feel confident that they can meet the business objectives quickly and efficiently.


An agile approach to implementation

Our precise implementation process starts with a full blueprinting to map business objectives with system functionality. Our agile approach ensures you meet your objectives and timelines without surprises.

 Build Better Plans Faster with CPGvision