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Artificial Intelligence fueled optimization to drive true ROI

  • Promotion optimization

  • Scenario planning

  • Insights & predictive analysis

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Promotion optimization

Increase your trade ROI with AI-driven, constraint-based optimization, with generative and iterative scenario planning. Integrated scenarios include terms, conditions, promotions, everyday and promoted pricing.

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Scenario planning

Scenario planning is a key component of our RGM platform, enabling you to wargame promotion and pricing strategies.

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Insights & predictive analysis

Access insights and predictive analytics that enable you to understand, manage, and optimize your trade spend.

Achieve your revenue goals with an integrated solution delivering actionable promotion plans

How CPG companies use CPGvision’s TPO capabilities

Optimize spend with
real-world actionability

With CPGvision, you get true TPO that is both generative and constraint-based, suggesting promotions within set business guidelines to optimize spend and sales.

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Generate smarter plans with AI

Enter and lock in the promotions you require and let the system complete the rest. Or even better: let AI generate your whole plan from scratch!

Compare scenarios side by side

View the rolled-up impact on sales, spend, and profit of different scenarios to wargame various strategies.

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Enhance your trade ROI with practical, tangible results

CPGvision’s TPO system allows you to incorporate robust guardrails to ensure promotion plans meet both your company strategy and retail partner objectives.

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Use artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize your promotion plan.