Scenario management

Use interactive scenario planning to build better plans faster

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Gain efficiency in spend and see your ROI numbers soar

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Spend less time creating and updating plans and focus on selling

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Collaborate easily across Sales, RGM, and Finance

Keep one source of truth with everyone on the same page

Top-down targets and budgets are delivered to the right account owners who develop bottom-up plans. Team uses in-app collaboration to close gaps. When combined with AI-driven TPO you get extra help with suggested promotions to achieve goals.

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Here’s all the good stuff you can get


Vector-2 Top-down and bottom-up AOP

Vector-2Scenario planning with
       AI-fueled TPO

Vector-2Real-time ROI projections and
       advanced analytics

Vector-2Advanced cloning capabilities

AOP_ Bottom Up (1)

Enhance your understanding of the differences, similarities, and misconceptions of TPM and TPO

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