Successful change management is in the plan

Together we will develop a change management program to ensure a smooth transition and high user-adoption, ensuring you maximize use and value from your investment.


We serve and succeed alongside our client partners


A practical roadmap for change management success

Improve stakeholder engagement, reduce resistance to change and help your team be ready to tackle the challenges of trade promotions head-on. With PSignite we help deliver a tailored change management approach that ensures success.


How we ensure seamless change management
for your business


Engage key user groups

Internal leaders can help ensure change management success, we'll get them involved early so they can be project cheerleaders.


Develop comprehensive communication plans

Keep every stakeholder not only informed and aligned but also motivated. Together we'll develop a communication plan that keeps everyone focused on success.


Provide tailored, interactive training


Equip each individual with the knowledge, confidence, and skills they need to harness the potential of your new system with our role-specific training programs.


Centralize SOPs for streamlined processes

Enhance your team's ability to navigate your new trade promotion solution effectively with our centralized approach to standard operating procedures (SOPs).


Receive unwavering technical support 

Experience seamless and continuous operations with our reliable and accessible support framework. 


Ensure seamless team transitions


Together we'll define your onboarding process to give new employees the tools, access, and knowledge necessary to thrive in their roles.