Leverage our extensive, best-in-class reports and dashboards and create your own!

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Gain actionable insights from day 1 of go-live

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React quickly and pivot when necessary

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Collaborate in real-time across functions and up and down the reporting structure

Data and analytics that
drive action

Our full suite of out-of-the-box analytics dashboards and reports include:

Vector-2 Plan status: actual vs plan vs latest estimates

Vector-2Account P&L and trade rate to target

Vector-2Event ROI


Vector-2Deduction aging and settlements

Vector-2Funds tracking

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Here’s all the good stuff you can get


Vector-2 In-app collaboration based on 
        live data insights

Vector-2Persona-based insights for Sales,
        Finance, and Executives


Data-driven alerts
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How data can help build a winning strategy for CPG companies