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How does the platform take advantage of Artificial Intelligence?

AI fuels our entire platform, starting with the generation of baselines (sales forecast in absence of promotion) and uplift factors (expected increase generated from specific combinations of tactics and price discounts). This foundation expands across various elements to calculate price elasticities and optimize promotion plans, for example.

Are PSignite’s solutions customizable?

Because our solutions are highly configurable, most clients need minimum to no customization. Much of the displayed information is controlled by field sets, which enable adding, eliminating, changing the order and customizing fields without changing code. However, it is customizable if necessary.

Can PSignite assist us with data management?

Yes, we have additional data management packages available based on client needs.

Do PSignite’s solutions integrate with our POS data?

Yes, any POS data source that is provided at the Account/SKU/Week level can be integrated. If this information is not in a client’s data lake we can provide integration packs to assist.

Do the solutions handle production/demand forecasting?

CPGvision generates a consumption and shipment forecast which are integral inputs into most demand planning systems.

If I already have a TPM solution can I still use PSignite’s TPO and RGM?

Yes, we can bolt on our TPO and RGM solutions to most existing TPM software.

All your TPM, TPO and RGM functions in one solution, one platform, same dataset.

About implementation

Where are PSignite's applications hosted?

Our applications are hosted in the Salesforce Multi-tenant Cloud.

Do I have to be a Salesforce customer before I can implement PSignite solutions?

No, we have both ISV and OEM clients. For OEM clients, the cost of your salesforce licenses are included in the solution cost, we will order and install your entire instance in the implementation process.

Will we need separate instances to roll-out geographically?

No, our applications take advantage of Salesforce’s multilingual and multi-currency capabilities.

What data will I need?

At a minimum, you will want to integrate your sell-in data, or shipments, along with master data (products, accounts, pricing etc.). Most clients also integrate sell-out, or POS as well as sell-through, or Spin data.

How long is implementation?

Implementation of our solutions vary from client to client, most fall in a range of 12-20 weeks, depending on what is being implemented, the level of data complexity and configuration requirements, among other factors.

Which ERP systems do PSignite’s solutions integrate with?

Our solutions integrate with every ERP, as well as data lakes, third party deduction programs like High Radius as well as various other programs in retail execution, demand planning etc.


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