Understand the consumer value equation to balance volume and profit


Maximize your margins by quantifying
the impact of price changes

  • Price elasticity modeling

  • Price scenario planning

  • Competitive analytics

Price elasticity modeling

Price elasticity modeling

Tailor your pricing strategies across products and regions to resonate with your consumers and boost your bottom line. Effortlessly generate account/SKU level elasticity coefficients.

Price scenario planning

Price scenario planning

React quickly to changing market dynamics with AI-driven price scenario planning.

competitive analytics

Competitive analytics

Gain a competitive edge by understanding how your product interacts with competitive items.


Synthesize data, simulate scenarios, and make actionable decisions in a fraction of the time it takes in Excel!

How CPG companies use CPGvision’s
Price Optimization capabilities


Manage pricing and balance sales with profitability

Leverage updated models to quickly generate actionable insights and use powerful scenario planning capabilities to wargame potential outcomes.

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Save your company money

Just the right balance of AI and user input to generate realistic and actionable scenarios that achieve better financial results.

Stay responsive and agile in changing conditions

Seamlessly adapt to market shifts, ensuring your brand is always ahead of the curve.

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Sophisticated price elasticity modeling to help you make strategic decisions

With CPGvision’s pricing capabilities you can create and evaluate "what-if" scenarios, enabling rapid calculation of the impact on key metrics such as volume, revenue, and profit. It strikes a perfect balance between granular data and usability, ensuring detailed analysis without overwhelming complexity.

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Impact sales and profit by keeping up-to-date price elasticity models at your fingertips!