How the team behind your TPx solution can enhance your Trade Promotion Management

Effective promotion management depends on more than just having the right tools; it's equally important to have the right team supporting you.
Discover how CPGvision's expert team can add significant value beyond basic tech support.

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The business of setting up a TPM can be a messy and complicated process (because of the massive amounts of data needed). Still, the Customer Success team has the patience of Ward & June Cleaver. They are able to troubleshoot just about every question, comment, or issue that may arise from your organization.


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Dathan S. | Director of Sales at PANOS Brands

I have used CPGvision in two different companies –one in a startup that was driven by distributor and POS data and the second in a family-run company that is driven by shipment data. CPGvision allows me to build a demand and trade planner at the same time. As we roll out the tool, it will also allow contract deduction and clearing faster than before.


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Matthew N. | Senior Vice President


Fantastic TPM solution! Cutting planning time dramatically vs use of Excel, providing accurate ROI analysis through integration with syndicated data, and providing a simpler solution to deduction management vs our prior process.


Zach W. | Senior Trade Finance Manager


This is a good tool for deductions, settlements, as well as p&l management. [CPGvision has] a good group of people who worked alongside us to implement and train us on a weekly basis. Very helpful and responsive teams of customer service and training staff. They listened to our feedback on the platform and accommodated as needed.



Kristen L. | Key Account Manager at Abbott


Of all the TPM systems I have worked with CPGvision is the best one yet. They have refined the system interactions to align with the target users. The team is extremely knowledgeable regarding trade management, financial interactions, and the role that syndicated data and other elements play in our space. Most importantly the service that we have received is A+. From developers to administrators, everyone is hands-on and super responsive. You could not ask for a better solutions partner.


Belinda C. | Director of Strategy


Our company has been a user of the tool for two years. It has allowed us to more effectively manage trade spend and minimize "surprises" to our trade budget. We use brokers in our sales network and CPGvision has allowed our brokers to have immediate access to their trade budgets, estimated spend, and results. The tool is also used to manage our deductions. We have reduced our outstanding deduction from over $1.2M to less than $200K with very few deductions outstanding for more than 60 days.



Ann W. | American Nutrition


CPGvision is a robust solution for the investment. The platform has allowed for a great deal of customization and it's allowed us to build a trade planning foundation that we can expand to multiple brands. The support we receive from CPGvision is outstanding. They always go above and beyond to help keep our system up and running. 


Brian U. | Director of Business Intelligence at CPG Brand


The solution is the best of both worlds, a product that was created from the ground up by experts in the field who know trade spend, plus the integration to full Sales Force background and data. We were able to implement this solution to track our trade spend across the enterprise and at the same time integrate the promotional spend and dates with our account management. 



Team Leader at Mattel


When looking for a trade spend solution you want to take so many factors into consideration: does the solution work for me, does it meet my use cases, what can it do and can't do, how will it interact with other data, how to get adoption from a sales organization, can it talk to my CRM, my Retail Execution team, my Sales Performance solution... and if you choose CPGvision, the answer is yes.


IT Leader


CPGvision provides exceptional support, guidance, and product enhancements. They have been very understanding of our business needs and have incorporated some of our requests into their core product. The CPGvision solution permitted us to replace two different 3rd party trade applications with a single Salesforce solution to track all of our trade spend events. We achieved overall cost and manpower savings while gaining significant planning and reporting functionality. CPGvision has been a profitable partnership.



Business Systems Analyst at Fruit of the Loom


I believe CPG has provided time-saving benefits for both myself in finance and the reps and has eliminated duplication in many ways. As for my contacts at CPG –they are great to work with, patient, understanding, try to accommodate your needs, and give you guidance. Truly enjoy working with them.


Trade Promotion Analyst at Pharmaceutical company


Overall experience with CPGvision is positive as rarely do you find software companies like CPGvision that provide personalized implementation and support from the CEO and through to Technical Support levels.


Mark S. | IT Business Partner at Pharmaceutical company


CPGvision has given our internal stakeholders access to sales plans and forecasts, providing transparency and fostering collaboration. We now have visibility to our total trade promotion investment as well as sales volume forecast and can see the immediate impact of changes to the plan. This keeps us on track to meet our sales and efficiency goals.


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Jim D. | Chief Sales Officer at PANOS Brands

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