Revenue Growth Management Software Built for the CPG industry

CPGvision provides the industry's only fully integrated revenue growth management suite, providing the solutions you need to manage and optimize trade spending and maximize profitable revenue growth. Built on the worlds’ #1 CRM platform, Salesforce.


When our clients succeed, we succeed

Overall experience with CPGvision is positive as rarely do you find software companies like CPGvision that provide personalized implementation and support from the CEO and through to Technical Support levels.”

Since using the CPG tool we have reduced our outstanding deduction by 80% with almost no deductions outstanding for more than 60 days.”

The brand was making a shift to spend more marketing dollars and that required us to find a better way to operate in a complex marketplace. We needed a Trade Promotion Management (TPM) solution that could deliver effective, transparent, and timely promotional planning and settlement processing.”

Effective trade promotion management and optimization start with the right set of capabilities

cpgvision-icon--budget-n-allocateBudget & Allocate

cpgvision-icon--plan-n-forecastPlan Promotions
& Forecast

& Financials

cpgvision-icon--reporting-n-analyticsReporting & Analytics

cpgvision-icon--promotion-optimizationPromotion Optimization

cpgvision-icon--scenario-planningScenario Planning

cpgvision-icon--insights-n-predictive-analyticsInsights & Predictive Analytics

cpgvision-icon--top-down-n-bottom-upTop-Down & Bottom-Up Planning

cpgvision-icon--gap-closureGap Closure

cpgvision-icon--price-elasticity-modelingPrice Elasticity Modeling

cpgvision-icon--price-scenario-planing-1Price Scenario Planning

cpgvision-icon--competitor-impacts-126Competitor Impacts

Why CPGvision is different


A customer-centric platform with industry-expert support

Achieve exceptional business outcomes by combining advanced capabilities and real-time insights with industry expertise and support from our professionals.

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Agile and configurable platform built on Salesforce technology

Our Salesforce-built platform provides your business with exceptional performance, configurability, security, and seamless integration.

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Reliable predictive analytics from AI-powered solutions

Get real-time data insights using AI and ML technologies. We empower your decision-making with a solution that integrates seamlessly with your RGM functions.

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An agile approach to implementation

Quickly establish selected RGM modules and even use our AOP capability to plan optimized promotions in parallel to your TPM implementation - with fully optimized plans ready on Go-Live!

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The only fully integrated RGM suite

Foundational Modeling

  • Budget

  • Allocate

  • Promotion Plan

  • Shipment Forecast

  • Liabilities Accruals

  • Reconcile

  • Review

  • Promotion Optimization

  • Scenario Planning

  • Top-down Strategic Plan

  • Bottom up Account Plans

  • Gap Closure

  • Price Elasticity Modeling

  • Price Scenario Planning

  • Competitor Impacts

Manage your trade spending in less time. And with more efficiency.

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Real-time visibility into your performance. All in one place.

Say goodbye to manual forecasting processes and errors. CPGvision applies modern machine learning techniques to generate and leverage the right historical data and make accurate promotion predictions.