Why the People Behind Your TPx System Matter

The people behind your TPx system are just as important as the features and functionality, and here's why.


Why the People Behind Your TPx Solution Matter


Did you know that Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) used to be referred to as Software plus Services? We’re not sure why or when the term evolved, but it got us thinking about the “service” element within a SaaS solution to manage trade spend effectively.

Let’s start with the obvious. Implementing a TPx system to manage trade spend activities with retail partners cannot work solely by itself. The tech is simply a means to an end. It requires a human touch, and that means the people who come with your solution matter.

Find a TPx System that puts people at the center

The people behind your TPx system are just as important as the features and functionality, and here’s why:

  • Beyond basic training, the people behind the tech can provide an ongoing wealth of knowledge in terms of best practices, tips, and lessons learned so you can fully leverage and optimize your trade spend management technology.
  • Consumer Goods (CG) companies gain substantial value when a team of TPM experts who understand your business needs and know from experience how to address those needs have a seat at the table.
  • Manufacturers gain a unique set of competitive advantages when the team behind your TPx tool are not just TPM subject matter experts but thought leaders in the CG industry.

These are critical services that go beyond basic tech support and will ultimately determine your software purchase’s long-term success and ROI.  You will rely on the people that come with your SaaS solution long after implementation is complete, so they need to speak your language and add substantial value.

Clients who partner with CPGvision fully capitalize on the value-added benefits that come with the team working behind the scenes. They regularly collaborate with the tool’s chief architect about customizing processes. They also tap into the data management and analytics expertise of CPGvision's customer success resource to leverage more profound insights. 

With chatbots, AI, and automation all around us, it’s easy to forget that people are valuable assets. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying software or a washing machine; it all comes down to substantial, long-term value.  In fact, “value” is the ultimate tie-breaker when consumers must make a purchasing decision between two similar products. Not brand reputation or size. Value.


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