Is Your Trade Spend Management Effective? 3 Questions to Ask Now

Discover if your trade spend management hits the mark with these 3 questions. Evaluate your strategy's effectiveness for improved ROI and success.

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Can You Answer Three Trade Spend Questions?

It’s the end of the month and you need volume…lower the price.  It’s the start of the month and you need profit…raise the price.  In the beverage business, these types of scenarios can be monthly occurrences.

When this happens, are all the stakeholders – sales, finance, trade promotion managers – scrambling to see if they can make it work?  Does it become chaotic with spreadsheets scattered across the desk and on the wall?  In the end, does anyone know if money was made or lost?

As a manufacturer and distributor, can you relate to this level of chaos?  It’s the same across carbonated beverages, water, juice, or coffee.

There is a way to eliminate these issues and get answers to the following questions at a moment’s notice.

1. How much money did we make?

CPGvision can provide reports and scorecards that outline results from previous promotions. Different retailers, the same retailer, last year or last month.  Just point and click.

2. Can we afford to do this promotion again?

CPGvision allows you to look at any settlement management to determine balance of budget for the year. There are also reports to quickly view the ROI.

3. Does it make sense to feature cans or 2-liters?

CPGvision outlines the results of any package promotions previously conducted. You can view cost, lift, the raw dollars spent, and what promotions are upcoming on the calendar.

The answers are right at your fingertips with CPGvision. The Salesforce-based platform can provide you and your company with money savings in the form of time, ROI evaluation, dollars spent on a specific promotion, and settlement management.  Free up your time and move saved dollars to the bottom line or run additional promotions.

Empower Your Trade Promotions with CPGvision

Ready to transform your trade spend management and unlock efficiency and ROI? With our cutting-edge platform, gain real-time insights, streamline your promotional activities, and make data-driven decisions Contact us now to learn more and take the first step towards trade promotion excellence.

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