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Panos Brands

Food manufacturing industry

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Trade promotion efficiency was the goal

PANOS Brands was looking for a way to manage their complex trade promotion activity, specifically working with distributor supplied indirect accounts, more efficiently and effectively. As a consumer goods company, trade promotions represent a significant portion of their budget, so streamlining their budget processes and increasing ROI on trade investment is a priority.

"CPGvision is a partner that understands the complexities of our business and plans to work with us for the long haul”.
Belinda Cook-Smith, Vice President of Trade and Sales Strategy, explained.  

With the help of CPGvision, PANOS was able to effectively manage their corporate trade investment, have access to realtime reporting, and analyze promotional ROI to inform their spending decisions. The scenario planning provided by CPGvision allows them to adjust and delete promotions that would not deliver the intended ROI, while gaining immediate insight into the impact on revenue and profit. 

“By leveraging the Salesforce platform, CPGvision helped us optimize our trade dollars and operational efficiency.”



Bringing transparency and collaboration to an organization

Transparency and cross-functional collaboration allowed PANOS get everyone on the same page as far as forecasted sales and spend. The ability to review their plan relative to sell-in, sell-through, sell-out and spend actuals with harmonized data across sources enables PANOS to focus on action rather than data gathering. They now see the whole picture. Additionally, CPGvision’s tools gave PANOS new insights into setting up budgetary guidelines and enabling real-time tracking of accrued and actual spend.


We selected CPGvision as a partner because we wanted an end to end solution that would help us deliver on transparency to the finance organization.

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Belinda Cook-Smith, 
Vice President of Trade and Sales Strategy, Panos Brands



Experienced support helping bring continuous improvement

CPGvision’s dedicated and hands-on customer support enabled them to continue to serve as a partner in helping PANOS improve and fine-tune their volume, financial, and trade effectiveness by recommending best practices and solutions that have worked across similar organizations.


CPGvision has become the single source of truth for us at PANOS. Anytime there is a business question that is proposed, we ask, what is CPGvision saying?

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Belinda Cook-Smith,
Vice President of Trade and Sales Strategy, Panos Brands


PANOS highly recommends CPGvision to other organizations. CPGvision has proven to be a valuable partner in aiding PANOS to optimize their volume, financial, and trade operations through the recommendation of proven best practices and solutions from similar organizations.

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