How Alpha Foods replaced their outdated TPM processes to optimize trade spend

Alpha Foods

Food manufacturing industry


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What Alpha Foods was looking for

For Julia Luu, Director of Sales Strategy and Operations at Alpha Foods, finding a solution that would allow them to track promotional spending and volume needed to be just as easy as heating up one of their meatless meals.

“At the time, we were using spreadsheets and the majority of our sales planning process was managed by external support. We then started growing with about 15 SKUs across 5 retailers. We realized we were ready to build an internal sales team and find a system that each member could use to manage their own account,” said Luu.

One of the most common inconveniences reported by CPG managers regarding the use of spreadsheets is how easy it is for any team member to accidentally mess up the data without even knowing or –even worse– without having a track record of it, and for Alpha Foods it was no different.



Alpha Foods’ secret sauce

Once the team started leveraging CPGvision, Luu noticed how the tool, coupled with the support from the customer success team, had the potential to catapult Alpha Foods to meet its goals. 


Out of all the other tools I’ve seen out there, I know CPGvision gives their clients the most support. For Alpha Foods specifically, [the team] is always there to help any time we need insight or when it comes to our business plans. They have CPG industry knowledge, so we really value their business recommendations.

Plus, their real-world experience is directly translated into the structure of the software. It allows us to separate our planning for different channels, but it’s very seamless and it allows us to capture our actuals to use the data for future planning.


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Julia Luu, 
Director of Sales Strategy & Operations,
Alpha Foods



The solution and team to grow with

For the sales team at Alpha Foods, CPGvision’s ability to accommodate their complex data structure has allowed them to unlock more capabilities as they’ve grown. 


CPGvision is highly customizable to our business model. When we first started using the tool, we had a very complex data structure. They’ve helped us integrate our data sources in a way that makes sense to our business.

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Julia Luu,
Director of Sales Strategy & Operations,
Alpha Foods


"That’s why they’ve been a great software to grow with. Now, we’re getting to the point where we’re using it for proper trade management. Whether you’re a small or bigger team, there’s always an opportunity to use CPGvision more optimally as you progress,” said Luu. 

CPG sales teams often face the challenge of working from disparate systems that make it difficult to analyze and pull from different viewpoints. This can keep teams from reaching their revenue goals and can be a headache to manage. For the Alpha Foods sales team, CPGvision has made all the difference: their data quality has improved significantly, and it has given them a single source of truth.

For CPGvision working with Alpha Foods has been a natural fit:


Alpha Foods has been a great partner in customer success, they truly want to learn and use our application to the fullest extent. As their company and team expands, Alpha Foods continues to collaborate with the CPGvision team to take advantage of what our solutions offer. The partnership we’ve developed stems from Alpha Foods’ inclusion of CPGvision throughout their decision processes.

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Frankie Oertle,
Customer Success Manager,

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