Good Foods Group: Pairing CPGvision and Salesforce to fuel business growth

Good Foods Group, LLC

Food manufacturing industry

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Group 20108

Needs expressed:

  • Drive efficiency
  • Improve transparency
  • Inform production and supply chain systems with granular, accurate information

Group 20108

Benefits realized:

  • Improved forecasting accuracy
  • Better demand planning
  • Increased trade efficiency
  • Reduced time spent manually entering data
  • Reduced human error
  • Increased user adoption
  • Salesforce integration

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The challenge

With a food business in high-growth mode, speed and accuracy of information are vital and can be an enormous challenge. An effective and easy-to-use TPx system on a familiar platform, Salesforce, seemed like just the right solution; CPGvision fit the bill. 

Good Foods Group faced several challenges before partnering with CPGvision, including the difficulty of accurately forecasting promotions for demand planning. They were encountering significant time and labor constraints when planning promotions, as their reliance on Excel posed limitations.

“Before CPGvision, we were manually plugging our data into Excel. We needed a solution to help bring us up to speed and make our lives easier. The hope was to free our team up to go into deeper aspects of their jobs and expand their growth opportunities. 

With CPGvision, I know we are fully equipped with the harmonized promotional post-analysis data we need to help us understand lift. Plus, their team is always there to help us move to the next level. Their level of commitment to their clients is unmatched.” Matthew Newman, the Senior Vice President of Good Foods Group, explained.



About Good Foods Group, LLC

Good Foods Group is a family-owned food company with roots across North America. They aim to ease the minds and lives of consumers everywhere with their high-quality, clean ingredient, delicious dips and salads.

At Good Foods, they achieve this by  blending culinary expertise with cutting-edge food technology. However, what sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to cultivating goodness within their products, employees, consumers, and communities. They approach this passionately and enthusiastically, making it a top priority in everything they do.



Why CPGvision

Newman had experience working with CPGvision in a previous position. This meant he knew the benefits of working with their knowledgeable team and powerful platform.


Working with CPGvision gives us the opportunity to get better and more accurate in our forecasting and demand planning. I worked with CPGvision in my last position, and partnering with them again was a no-brainer. It just made logical sense for us to partner with CPGvision.

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Matthew Newman, 
Senior Vice President of Good Foods Group


When a client wants to work with us twice, it’s a testament to the strength of our team. We are happy to support Good Foods in their path to significant and profitable revenue growth.

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Connie Whitehouse, 
Vice President, Strategy at PSignite


At the end of the day, that’s what the decision to partner with CPGvision came down to, a team with extensive CPG knowledge and a platform that harnesses the power of Salesforce. For Newman, having a system based on the Salesforce platform has made all the difference.



The result

By partnering with CPGvision, Good Foods Group has seen an increase in productivity and accuracy. The automation of the process has led to a significant decrease in the need for manual data inputting.


Overall, working with CPGvision has reduced human error across our team and has allowed us to build transparency and visibility at the account level. I’m looking forward to the future of what’s to come with our partnership.

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Matthew Newman,
Senior Vice President of Good Foods Group


With this improved accuracy and transparency, Good Foods can now concentrate on expanding their business.

While adopting a TPx solution can seem daunting, Good Foods found that partnering with CPGvision made all the difference. Their exceptional expertise and customer service made the entire implementation and change management process surprisingly quick and hassle-free. Implementing CPGvision with Salesforce CRM is truly a winning combination for Good Foods.

“Some of the largest companies are built on Salesforce, so I’m very familiar with the system. This has made it easy to coach and train our team. The system also talks fluently with SAP, which means we never have to manually upload or download our data, everything works well together, which is a major plus for our IT department.”

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