How to Prevent Overspend Surprises

Are you frustrated with overspend “surprises?” Tired with not knowing how much money you’ve accrued and spent? There is a solution.

How to Prevent Overspend Surprises

Are you frustrated with overspend “surprises?”  Are you challenged with a better way to keep track of how much you’re spending?  Tired with not knowing at any given time how much money you’ve accrued and spent?  Wouldn’t it be great to get a report whenever you want that would show you this exact information?  If so, CPGToolBox has the solution.

CPGToolBox can customize a “Checkbook” that allows you to track in real time, the dollars you’ve accrued, plan to spend and have spent at any point in the year.  We can customize it in a way that shows year to date, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually the status of your spending and how much you have remaining to spend.

CPGToolBox can build this information at a very high level or down to the account and event level depending on who is looking at the information.  The data can even be segmented by brand, category or business unit for your Marketing department or down to a funding “bucket” or GL code for Finance.

Having this information available at any given time eliminates unnecessary time wasted by exchanging emails and answering questions about how you might be planning to spend your trade dollars.  It provides the visibility to other departments they need to understand what is going on at any point in time.  The reality is account managers no longer have to spend hours calculating their actual spending against their plan or what they’ve accrued – we have reports that will do it with a push of a button.  This saves them time to focus on looking at their most successful events, and planning with their retailer partners to establish the strongest growth possible for their business.

If you’re ready to ditch the manual process of tracking your funding and have a much faster and accurate process of doing so, let CPGToolBox take the reins and give you back time to focus on growing your business. 

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