How CPGs Can Prevent Overspend Surprises in Trade Promotions

Discover how CPGvision eliminates overspend surprises with real-time tracking and customized financial insights, so you focus on budget management.

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The Challenge of Tracking Spending

Are you often caught off guard by overspend "surprises"? Struggling to keep a precise track of your expenditures? The frustration of not knowing your current financial status—how much has been accrued and spent—can be overwhelming. The need for a solution that provides clear, real-time financial insights is more crucial than ever.

Introducing the CPGvision "Checkbook"

CPGvision offers a revolutionary "Checkbook" feature, designed to monitor your financial activities in real-time. This tool not only tracks your accrued and spent amounts but also plans your future expenditures with unparalleled precision. Whether you need an overview of your spending on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, our custom solution keeps you informed about your remaining budget at all times.

Customization for Comprehensive Insights

Our platform's versatility allows for customization to suit your specific needs. From a high-level overview suitable for senior management to detailed account and event-level insights for account managers, CPGvision caters to everyone. We segment data by brand, category, or business unit for marketing purposes and even down to specific funding "buckets" or GL codes for finance departments.

Streamlining Communication and Planning

With CPGvision, the days of back-and-forth emails and time-consuming planning meetings are over. Our system provides instant visibility to all departments, facilitating a seamless understanding of financial statuses and trade dollar allocations. Account managers can now redirect their focus from tedious calculations to strategizing and executing successful events with retailer partners, fostering stronger business growth.

Take Control of Your Trade Spend with CPGvision

If you're ready to abandon the manual, error-prone process of tracking your finances and embrace a faster, more accurate method, CPGvision is here to help. Contact us for more information on how we can provide you with the tools you need to focus on what truly matters—growing your business.

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