TPM User Adoption is Never a “One Size Fits All”

Successful TPM User Adoption starts long before implementation. Each business is different and requires a tailored approach.

Trade promotion is a crucial part of any company's sales and marketing strategy. The latest trade promotion management (TPM) tools are designed to ensure that these promotions are executed effectively and efficiently. However, Implementing new software into your TPM business strategy can be intimidating. Before you start seeing the benefits, you must get your team to buy-in. Successful TPM user adoption is key to your teams’ success, so let’s make sure you get it right with the help of our CPGvision experts.

Making the switch

Switching from spreadsheets to software requires the team to think a bit differently and make adjustments in the way they work, because relying on outdated solutions to manage your functions through spreadsheets will not maximize trade dollars. Once you’ve decided that a TPM software solution is right for your business, it can be a challenge to convince your team that making this switch is beneficial to them, and to the business. Planning for the change is key to a smooth TPM implementation. Before deciding on a TPM vendor, these are things you should do to prepare for the switch: 

  • Select a strong head of change management: Your change management head is vital to this process. This individual must be bought into the process from the beginning and be willing to put in the time to see this implementation through.
  • Actively communicate the benefits: Have the numbers to back it up. Actively communicate why this change is beneficial. Having real data to show will give them a reason to get on-board for the switch. (insert here the link to our assets on building a business case and the download to the ROI calculator)
  • Have a plan: Identify your goals, and what you want to achieve from this change. Defining what success looks like - will benefit your team, your business, and the TPM vendor during implementation and beyond. 

How do you ensure that your team is going to commit to this change, stick with it and reap the benefits in the future? Strong user adoption.

Remember this: Your TPM vendor should always feel like your partner, not just a vendor.

Once you’re ready to choose a TPM vendor, here’s a few different variables to ensure strong TPM user adoption.

  1. The approach
  2. Get it right from the start
  3. Driving user adoption
  4. Supporting the implementation process

The approach

One size does not fit all!

One of the first and most important aspects to ensuring user adoption is an understanding that no one client is the same. An understanding that a one size fits all approach doesn’t work. Even after implementation, the process will continue to change as you grow.

Align the approach to your business goals. Key information will vary from business to business, based on:

  • What is your objective? 
  • What are your expected results?
  • How do you envision success?

These are questions a strong TPM vendor will be asking up front. This information ensures an understanding of where you want to be, the vendor can then tailor the best implementation process, based on your specific business needs. The best TPM vendor will understand your questions and what you’re trying to solve for.

Get it right from the start

To ensure TPM user adoption, you should set the expectations and the TPM vendor should guide you through the process. Your definition of success is based on the channels you’re promoting through, and the types of products you’re promoting. 

A good TPM vendor will get the correct information it needs from you and help you build your SOPs (standard operating procedures) for each function performed in the system. You could spend 24/7 working on user adoption but if the vendor is going one way and you're going another, it won't work- this is why the fine tuned parameters must be articulated from the beginning.

Driving User Adoption

To help drive user adoption, you want a TPM vendor who focuses on:

  • Scalability - Your vendor plans in the same way as your business. As your business grows, they grow with you and the solution grows. You and your TPM vendor will always work towards the same goal.
  • Reliability - Built in reports and dashboards make it easy to visualize data and react to different market recommendations.
  • Accuracy - Building towards your specific functions and goals. Mapping out numbers provides better accuracy and drives credibility.
  • Best Practices - learn from what the vendor’s other clients are doing. Experience in your sector is a plus. Your TPM vendor will have a wealth of collective knowledge they have gleaned from their client base.

Supporting the implementation process

To ensure user adoption, TPM vendors must provide support through the entire implementation process and beyond. When deciding on a TPM solution look for:

  • Clear documentation
  • Excellent customer support
  • Hands-on training
  • User-friendly interface
  • Customer success team expertise 

The vendor should offer an accessible database for users: where they can read FAQs on how to solve x,y and z. 

At CPGvision we utilize a “train the trainer” approach as well as live end-user training. Having internal experts participate in training efforts ensures a higher level of coverage and transference of internal SOPs (standard operating procedures that are specific to your business). Early monitoring during “key drive time frames” is essential. This lets us stay up-to-date and track the numbers in real-time. Two useful monitoring tools we use are:

  • Hypercare - office hours are established while users are in their first planning cycle. During hypercare, questions are answered immediately and the team has an opportunity to explain and revise their SOPs.
  • Usage Reporting - monitoring logons, number of promotions created, etc. enables an understanding of who may need extra assistance during the planning cycle. It also ensures that everyone is getting their plans done!

Post-Planning Recap - once the first round of planning is complete, we get the team back together. What did they learn? Were they able to do anything differently based on the information they had to plan with? What would improve the experience for them? Work with your TPM vendor to prioritize and implement user feedback and continue to adjust SOPs.

Meet CPGvision

CPGvision are a best-in-class, fully connected, and integrated TPM and RGM solution suite for Consumer Packaged Goods, built on the Salesforce platform. With the most advanced functionality in the industry, CPGvision equips you with real-life problem-solving applications for TPM, TPO, and RGM. 

Your success is our success - CPGvision proudly provides a dedicated customer success team staffed with CPG industry professionals. Regardless of where you are in your RGM journey, you’ll be fully equipped with the solutions you need for profitable revenue growth. Contact us today to learn more.

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